Saturday, 19 August 2017

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FREEDOM Pro Contour Kit (Medium 02) REVIEW

Hello everybody, I've had this product since the last few months. I was trying it out and wanted to give a detailed review 'bout this contour kit.


Freedom is the sister brand of Makeup Revolution which is owned by Tam Beauty. It is a pro range of makeup but very inexpensive


PRO Contour Kit. Contour like a PRO, with our kits.
Containing the perfect 2 shades to contour and sculpt the face. Available in 3 shade formats.

PRICE: Rs. 795



The packaging is so sleek and classy. Its very compact and totally sturdy. The size is small. It has a good quality mirror as well.
It contains a highlighter and a contour powder.


The pigmentation is to die for. Its very pigmented and its finely milt as well. Both the shades are super pigmented and very smooth and blend-able.


This kit contains a contour powder and a highlighting shade. Both of them are super matte and doesn't have a hint of shimmer. The highlighing shade is too dark for me so I use it to slightly contour my nose or even use it as an eyeshadow. The contour shade has slight red undertones so you can even use it as a bronzer and also as an eyeshadow.


This is a beautiful contour kit and very matte. The highlighting shade is too dark for my skintone to use it as an highlighter and its matte so people who have two shades darker than my skintone can use to set the under-eyes. The contour shade is very pretty and its super blend-able. It is powdery and has fallout but that also means that it is blend-able and trust me it is easily blends.

I just wished it came with a brush as well then it would have been a travel friendly product. But since this is a Pro range so it justifies why it does not come with its own applicator as makeup artists uses their own brushes instead of applicators. The contour shade has a smaller pan which I wished it was of the bigger pan.


  • Always on discount
  • Contains a contour & a highlighting shade
  • Very pigmented
  • Easily blends
  • Contains a good quality mirror
  • Compact Packaging


  • Contains Parabens
  • Highlighting shade is darker for my skin-tone


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

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Miss Claire Born To Glow Illuminator Makeup Base (05 Shiny Beige) REVIEW | NYX BORN TO GLOW DUPE?| Best Illuminator Under Rs.500?| Where to Buy?

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well! This post is HIGHLY requested, so I'm here sitting down, writing my experience about this illuminator by Miss Claire.

 PRICE: Rs.250-400 (I got mine for Rs.390)


Wear alone or pair with makeup to instantly highlight and enhance wherever it is applied

The packaging is good. It is color coordinated with the illuminator and very easy to apply as well. This packaging is very travel friendly.

This highlighter has a very unique consistency. It is very moose-y in texture but at the same time it is light weight.

Miss Claire Born To Glow Illuminator is available in six shades

I bought the shade 'Shiny Beige'. Its a silver highlighter with peachy pink undertone. It looks very pretty on fair Indian skin tone. It'll also look great on medium skin tones as it has peachy pink undertones.


To be honest, at first usage I did not like it a bit. It was chunky and very glittery. I was very dissapointed BUT when I tried it again and played with it more, I got to know the technique.
Always use it only as a highlighter and NOT as a base. It contains shimmers so it is very beautiful when worn alone as a highlighter to bring out your features.

This highlighter is available in 6 different shades which caters to different skin-tones. It is very build-able and has good pigmentation. You can achieve a blinding highlighter look and also 'highlight from within' kinda look. It all depends on your blending abilities.

Since this highlighter contains shimmers so you really need to use a pore filling primer because if you don't use a pore filling primer then the highlighter may look a bit patchy. Overall, we can't ask for a liquid highlighter like ABH for this price. So i'm very satisfied with is product at the price it is offered.

How I use it: I directly dot it on my cheek bones and then blend it with my fingers and use a beauty blender to take away extra chunky shimmers. In this way it gives a very beautiful sheen to your face.

I've heard and read a lot of negative reviews 'bout this particular illuminator but since now I know the right technique to apply it, I'm in love with this baby.

Yes it is. It lasted for about 5-6 hours WITHOUT any touch ups.

Yes absolutely.

Don't use it as a base because it doesn't look good. It contains shimmers so it appears like you have sparkles everywhere. Secondly I don't like that it contains parabens.


  • Color Coordinated Packaging
  • Affordable
  • Build-able from sheer to full coverage
  • Beautiful Shade
  • Good pigmentation
  • Available in different shades
  • Lasts for 5-6 hours without touch-ups

  • Never use it as a base
  • Contains Parabens

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Monday, 7 August 2017

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Affordable Matte Lipstick in India | 7Heaven's Photogenic Matte Lipstick in 302 Kisses | REVIEW + WHERE TO BUY?

Affordability has different meaning to different persons. In my opinion, anything under Rs.500 is affordable. So when I stumbled upon this lipstick from 7Heaven, I was elated! Imagine the joy of a college student when she finds a 1) 'matte' lipstick under Rs.500 and 2) a trending color. I jumped at the opportunity, literally grabbed the lipstick (lol) since it was the only piece available. So, no more blabbering, lets just start with my review!

7Heaven's Photogenic Matte Lipstick (302 Kisses)

PRICE: Rs.200

Where To Buy? Amazon | Flipkart


PACKAGING: The lipstick comes in a black case with white detailing. The packaging is very sleek and travel-friendly. This lipstick is color coordinated and the best part is that the color coordinated cap is removable and contains the color as well.

TEXTURE: This lipstick is super matte! Since it is super matte it doesn't glide onto your lips easily, you have to apply pressure. But after applying this lipstick, its very comfortable on the lips though.

Tip: Prep your lips prior applying this (or any matte) lipstick. Use a lip balm and the after 3-5 mins remove the excess balm. In this way, your lipstick won't dry out your lips.

COLOR & SWATCH: This lipstick is a mauve color with maroon undertones. Its very 'in trend' color and would suit fair-tan medium skin tones. Its an everyday lip shade!


First of all, its a very pretty color. Its super matte so don't expect to glide onto your lips easily, you have to apply pressure. The color is totally build-able. On one swipe, the bullet might not deposit enough color due to pressure differences, but after two swipes, it shows its true color.

Now coming to the duration, it stays for about 4-5 hours straight and then stars fading but leaves behind a stain. If you eat full course meal then this lipstick totally fades away. 

If we look through the price point, then it does pretty good job. I totally recommend it. Its a pretty shade at a pretty price which does not hurt our purses ;)

  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Pretty shade
  • lasts long
  • Super matte
  • Availability can be a difficulty

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Saturday, 5 August 2017

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Eyeshadows Under Rs.200 | Miss Claire Eyeshadow 0458, 0651, 0505 | REVIEW + WHERE TO BUY

Hello Everybody, hope you all are doing well. Recently  bought a few products from Miss Claire and I absolutely love it!

Miss Claire Eyeshadow 0458, 0651, 0505


PRICE: Rs. 150 (Range is from Rs.100-250)

Packaging of the eyeshadows is very simple and basic. It does not come with its own applicator or mirror, but I like it a lot since it is very compact.

These eyeshadows are very pigmented and super bendable. You just need to dip your brush.

0458 (BLUE): This is a very beautiful royal with silver glitter in it. Its matte but has few specks of sparkling shimmer in it.

0651 (GOLDEN): This is a very beautiful Gold eyeshadow which can also be used as a highlighter for the face. This is less pigmented than the other two. It is totally build-able.

0505 (RED): This is the most pigmented color among the three. Its fully matte and can easily make your eyes go overboard if you use it too much. Totally love this shade.



I don't know why I'm so connected to Miss Claire , so as soon as I got these at a local store, I just grabbed it. These are super pigmented and very blend-able and stays for about 4-5 hours WITHOUT eyeshadow primer. I created a look using these three eyeshadows and I haven't used any primer and damn it looked amazing. You can also mix these colors as well, like I mixed the red and blue shade to get the perfect purple for my EOTD.

The blue eyeshadow has a little bit fallout, but do you know that fallout means that your eyeshadow is blendable? Yes I am absolutely right about this. The blue eyeshadow needs building up if you are packing the color on your lid for maximum intensity.

The red eyeshadow is very very pigmented and this doesn't have any fallout but its blendable as well.

The golden color is very subtle and this works great as a face highlighter as well. If you follow me on instagram, you might know about it. Follow me @indianbudgetbeautyblog!

Overall, if you use an eyeshadow primer, the staying powder will increase more.

These eyeshadows are available in so many different shades that I just feel like buying more and more. I totally recommend this to you all.

For all you who lives in Guwahati, Miss Claire products as well as sivanna is available at Jeenal, Ganeshguri. You can just google the address.


  • Affordable 
  • Good Quantity & Quality 
  • Easily Blendable 
  • Very Pigmented 
  • Available in various shades 
  • Long Lasting 
  • Contains Parabens :( 
RATINGS: 4.5/5
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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

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Ryaal Essentials Organic Moroccan Argan Oil REVIEW

(Part of PR kit)
Recently, I was searching for a good argan oil, that's when I stumbled upon Ryaal's Argan Oil on Instagram. Ryaal USA manufactured 100% pure essential oils so I thought of getting  one for myself.

"Ryaal essentials is the next step in evolution of personal care products. This comprehensive natural line is formulated with the finest functional ingredients from around the world. Our products avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in our formulations to provide a more natural product line"

PRICE: Rs.199 for 15 ml


PACKAGING: The Argan oil comes in a dark blue glass bottle with a dropper and a cap as well. The dropper can be used as a cap as well. So you get to choose by either closing your bottle with the cap or the dropper. All the instructions are written on the bottle itself.

TIP: Light breaks down the properties of pure argan oil so it is stored in dark glass bottles. Hence buy argan oil which is stored in dark glass/ plastic bottle if you want pure 100% Argan Oil. Those argan oils which are sold in clear bottles are mixed with carrier oil

COLOR: The argan oil which is used in cosmetic industry is light golden in color. Hence you can find that in Ryaal argan oil as well

CONSISTENCY: The consistency is neither too thick nor too runny. It's in between and is lighter. It gets absorbed easily. It doesn't leave behind an oily residue like other oils.

For dry skin, apply a liberal amount where needed most. For hair, rub a few drops between hands and run through hair to add shine and reduce fly-aways. Or add few drops to your favorite essential product as well

This argan oil is 100% pure, organic and cold pressed. You should always go for the 'cold pressed' oils rather than the normal oil if you want good results for your skin, hair etc. and wants to gain all the nutritional benefits.

I've using this oil daily for my eyebrows because I want to grow them out. I just use one drop every-night and that's it. I've even used this oil for my hair and I've seen some changes as well. If you mix this oil with your regular coconut oil or even olive oil, you're hair seems to get very soft after washing them out.

The consistency is very unique, it just seeps into your skin and moisturizes it without making it oily. It has a slight nutty fragrance. I loved this essential oil and would love to try out the rest.

  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Contains a dropper as well as a cap
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • Very effective
  • Available only online
RATINGS: 4.5/5
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

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Sivanna Colors 3D Brows' Secret REVIEW | Where to buy?

Hello everyday, hope you all are doing well. I've purchased this Sivanna Colors Brow Secret a long ago but never tried it because of shade differences. So let's begin with the review. Oh, do check out my recent review on Sivanna Colors Ultra Blush Palette HERE

PRICE: Rs.399


PACKAGING: The packaging is to die for! It is rose gold in color and very looks very luxurious and high-end. There are three different steps for applying the eyebrow product and it is mentioned on the outer cover.

STEP 1: Eyebrow Pencil
First, outline your brows with this pencil and fill in any gaps

STEP 2: Eyebrow Powder
Secondly, use the eyebrow powder to blend the product

STEP 3: Brow Mascara
Thirdly, use the Brow Mascara to set the brows into place.


PENCIL: The pencil is very pigmented and warn toned. So it should be used with a very light hand to avoid over drawn eyebrows

POWDER: The powder is less pigmented than the pencil and it is a good thing. Its is not as warm toned as the pencil but has cool undertones.

BROW MASCARA: The brow mascara is cool toned and the pigmentation is great for setting the brows.

All three steps can be applied individually as well



Ever since I saw Debasree's Delhi Makeup Haul Video, I wanted the Mistine 3D eyebrow pencil. But since that one was not available online, so I searched for an alternative. Then one fine day, I stumbled upon Sivanna's 3D Brow's Secret and hence HAD TO ORDER IT! 

This brow product is available in different shades. I ordered the dark brown shade from Instagram seller @charis.enterprise_ but I don't know what happened and they sent me the red brown shade :(

This brow product is very versatile and travel friendly. It has three products in one, so its a good deal and affordable. By setting the brows with the brow mascara can be quite messy, so I carved out my brows using a concealer to achieve the prime look. 

If you find the right shade for yourself, then this brow product is the best for you. Since I have the red brown shade, so it might look a little weird on me. I'll definitely repurchase it in the shade dark brown. But you can make this red brown shade work for yourself as well. I use a black eyebrow pencil using a very light hand and then follow the Step 2 and 3. Hence it neutralizes the reddish brown shade.

LONGEVITY: Its lasts for about 7-8 hours if you use all the three steps.
SMUDGE TEST: Yes, it is smudge proof 

  • Very Affordable
  • 3-in-1 product
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easily Available Online
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Smudge Proof
  • All Three steps can be applied individually
  • Pretty Packaging
  • Contains different types of Parabens
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