Tuesday, 23 August 2016

CUTISHINE Face Wash REVIEW ft. Ethicare Remedies

8/23/2016 05:59:00 pm 5 Comments
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Few days back I posted an Ethicare Remedies Haul. So after testing all the products for a good amount of period, I'll be posting my review on the Cutishine Face Wash.


Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India with 100% focus in dermatology and cosmetology. Founded in 2003 by a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Ilesh Khakkhar. The organization has been dedicated to innovation through new regimen, new medicine, new technologies and new ways to beautify the world. Read more about them HERE


  • Face wash for daily cleansing.
  • Oily-Acne prone skin 
  • Improved Complexion.


Key Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid………..02.00%
Salicylic Acid……….00.50%
Liquorice Extract….01.00%
Tea tree Oil………….00.50%
Aloe Vera…………….02.00%

PRICE: Rs.180 for 70g


PACKAGING: The packaging of this face wash is very sleek. The facewash comes in a transperent tube and is placed in cardboard golden coloured packaging with all the details on it. 

CONSISTENCY & TEXTURE: The face wash is gel like in consistency and is not so thick but in between runny and thick. It contains yellow and white tiny bead like structures which helps in light exfoliating the skin.

This face wash is true to its claims. It does cleanses excess Sebum (oil) & dirt. It makes my skin feel very clean and instantly brightens my complexion. It does a little something to improve the skin texture too. 

This face wash is 
  • soap free
  • formulated with gentle cleanser.
  • contains tea tree oil & aloe vera, which provide action against bacteria.
  • contains glycolic acid which helps soften and exfoliate the skin. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing while clarifying the skin and smoothing out rough texture.
  • contains Salicyclic acid to get rid of acne you have now and help prevent future breakouts. 
  • contains Liquorice extract which helps in skin lightening.


  • Soap free.
  • Exfloliates the skin gently
  • Contains amazing key ingridients.
  • Helps to soften the skin
  • Gets rid of acne.
  • Helps in skin lightening (I am not a fan of skin lightening but I'm considering in terms of spots and patches)
  • Contains Tea tree oil & aloe vera to provide action against bacteria.


  • Could not find any. Feel free to judge at the comments below :)


Sunday, 21 August 2016

MUA Glamour Night Eyeshadow Palette + EOTD

8/21/2016 03:35:00 pm 4 Comments
Hello Ladies, recently Jabong.com had a huge sale going on and Jabong definitely gives record breaking deals on makeup items. So I ended up buying the MUA Glamour Night eye palette.


Makeup Academy Professional a.k.a MUA is a UK Based makeup brand which creates really affordable makeup products which are high in quality.


Pure seduction comes in 12 shades as is apparent in this Glamour Nights eye palette from MUA. Featuring shimmering and matte shades, it is all you need to flaunt classic, smoky eyes to metallic, catwalk hues.
PRICE: Rs.1050 for 9 g (I got it for Rs.484 hehe) 


MUA Glamour Night Eye-shadow Palette + EOTD

PACKAGING: The packaging is quite sturdy and see through. It contains a typical dual sponge tip applicator and does not contain a mirror. All the 12 eye-shadows are placed in circular pans and are well coordinated. It can be worn as duos or trios as per your liking.


  1. First shade is a matte white shade. This is the least pigmented shade. Totally unflattering.
  2. Second shade is a shimmery dark blue shade. This is very pigmented and a very pretty shade but has a little fall out
  3. Third shade is my fav! This is a greenish-blue shimmery colour, super pigment and buttery soft.
  4. Fourth shade is a typical glittery silver colour, very pigmented and contains fine glitters.
  5. Fifth shade is a grey matte shade, not at all pigmented, very unflattering.
  6. Sixth shade is a shimmery brown shade. This is very pigmented as well and very beautiful, can be used as a crease shade as well.
  7. Seventh shade is a black matte shade. This matte shade is super pigmented and very matte and buttery soft!
  8. Eighth shade is a typical shimmery gold shade. This shade is very beautiful and glittery.
  9. Ninth shade is a shimmery green shade which is pigmented as well.
  10. Tenth shade is matte lilac shade. This one is pigmented but not as pigmented as the matte black shade. A pretty crease shade!
  11. Eleventh shade is shimmery dark pink shade, very pigmented and less glittery, can be worn in the crease as well as on the lids.
  12. Twelfth shade is a satin white shade. This shade is perfect for highlighting the inner corners or the brow bone. 

I find the matte shades (except black) less pigmented than the shimmery shades. The shimmery shades are very pigmented! 
Outside the house

The staying power is quite good. It stays for about 5-6 hours without an eyeshadow primer and with eyeshadow primer its stays about 7-8 hours.

This palette is very versatile and has vivid colors ranging from mattes to shimmery shades to satin shade! The colors are quite on the darker side which can be worn in the evenings and during the night but we can always tweak it to our needs. I love all the sades except no.1 and no.5 but overall the palette is very good. I recommend everyone to invest in such versatile palettes

Look 1

Look 2

  • All the shades (except two) are pigmented.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Vivid & versatile shades.
  • Contains matte, shimmery & satin shades.
  • Blends easily
  • Sleek Packaging


  • Cheap applicator.
  • Little fallout
  • Availability 
RATINGS: 4.2/5

Monday, 8 August 2016

Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Natural Mask Pack Featuring Skin18.com

8/08/2016 05:49:00 pm 2 Comments
(Part Of PR Kit)

Hello everybody, today I'll be reviewing a mask pack from skin18.com. Recently Skin18.com sent me three face mask and a nose strip.

ABOUT Skin18.com :

Pic Credits: skin18.com

Main Website: www.skin18.com


PRICE: $1.40 $0.95 | Rs.63.51 


You can buy it HERE


PACKAGING: The mask is made of 100% natural cotton which has well designed carvings to make it attach to your face. The mask is packed in a plastic wrapper which is very hygienic. The mask is infused with essence ingredients and since the mask is made of natural cotton, it allows the ingredients to absorb into the skin.

Lol! I look so funny

MAIN PURPOSE OF THE MASK: This mask is part of Mirum's fresh fruit series, so it provides the skin with hydration and nutrition.
  • According to the ingredients, this mask contains glycerine, honey, castor oil; which helps in keeping the skin well hydrated, nourished, and makes your skin have a natural glow.
  • Main focus of the mask is on Honey! The mask smells like honey itself. 
  • It contains NO artificial pigment and Mineral oil. So its safe to use.
  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Apply some toner.
  3. Take out the mask & attach to you skin.
  4. Leave it for 15-20 mins and the take off the mask and gently massage your skin with the remaining essence til it gets absorbed.
To be honest, this is my first face mask, and my first Korean skincare product too. I had high expectations because we all heard how good Korean skincare products are. This one Good excellent! It kept my face well hydrated and it did not make my skin feel dry, even after sitting all day under AC! It made my face looking dewy and brightened it as well. It made me have a natural glow. 

The only thing I don't like is that it contains Parabens :( 

Hell Yes! I totally recommend this product!


  • Mask made of 100% cotton.
  • Contains NO artificial pigments and minerals
  • Gives skin a dewy finish & Healthy Glow
  • Keeps skin hydrated and nourished
  • Smells Good!
  • Inexpensive
  • Dermatological Tested


  • Contains Parabens

RATINGS: 4.9 out of 5

(DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me for review purpose, but all thoughts are mine and are unbiased)

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Amway Attitude Lipgloss (Luscious Plum and Pink Berry) REVIEW

8/06/2016 11:41:00 am 2 Comments
Hello Everybody,

Today I'll be reviewing two lip-glosses by the brand Amway. I was never into this brand but since my aunt is a representative of this brand, so get changes to try on their products frequently *grin grin*.


Plump up your lips with Vitamin E enriched Attitude lip gloss and flaunt your rich and smooth looking luscious lips. Dermatological tested.

PRICE: Rs.359 for 2.2 ml


Not mentioned


PACKAGING: The lip glosses has a typical glass tube with a dome shaped applicator. The shade is visible through the glass tube which is clear glass and has all information written on it


Inside the house

In direct Sunlight

Luscious Plum: It is a very plumy colour with silver reflects in it. It doesn't appear as pigmented on the lips as shown in the swatches.

Pink Berry: It is a pinkish red colour with slight shimmers in it. It is very pigmented and appears very pigmented on lips as well. 

The consistency is very thick and sticky. It has a pleasant smell. It does not last long but it gives a stain to your lips and keeps your lips well moisturised. It stays for about 3 hours without meal and with heavy meal it goes off but leaves behind a stain and also the moisture.


  • Very pigmented
  • Travel friendly
  • Moisturising 
  • Dermatological tested
  • Less shimmery


  • Only available through Amway representatives & online

Friday, 5 August 2016

Ethicare Remedies Exclusive Monsoon Kit HAUL

8/05/2016 10:51:00 am 1 Comments
(Part Of PR Kit)

Hello everyone,
Recently I got to know about the brand called Ethicare Remedies, so I reached out to them if they could send me some products for trying out and reviewing purpose, and they kindly accepted my proposal. So I got the Exclusive Monsoon Kit yesterday in my mail and I wanted to give you all an exclusive sneak peak of the products before reviewing. I have heard quite a good amount of positive reviews about them and I'm very much excited about it.


Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India with 100% focus in dermatology and cosmetology. Founded in 2003 by a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Ilesh Khakkhar. The organization has been dedicated to innovation through new regimen, new medicine, new technologies and new ways to beautify the world. Read more about them HERE

SWEATNIL Anti - Perspirant Gel

Sweatnil gel is formulated with Aluminium Chloro-hydrate which when applied locally, effectively helps to control excessive perspiration.

PRICE: Rs.159 for 50 ml. You can buy it here

Ospis Skin care soap

Ospis Anti bacterial cleanser, With chlorehexidine gluconate & aloe vera. Premium soap base. Optimum lathering effect. Contains : Chlorehexidine Gluconate, Aloe vera, Silicon oil.

PRICE: Rs.69 for 100 gm. You can buy it here

Epi Plus Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Epiplus is a skin cleanser for sensitive skin with mild foaming with soap free formula

EPIPLUS lotion is soap free, fragrance free, SLES free, non comedogenic, hypo allergenic, balance pH lotion, Gives a soft and smooth appearance, Prevents dry and parched skin.

PRICE: Rs.180 for 100 ml. You can buy it here


Face wash for oily-Acne Prone Skin Improved Complexion with the benefits of both AHA & BHA in single face wash with special skin lightening actives.

PRICE Rs. 180 for 70 g. You can buy it here

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